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HCL Traveler 12.0.0 Fixpack 1 released

Detlev Poettgen  August 10 2021 07:48:49 AM
HCL Traveler 12.0.0 Fix Pack 1 with Build Level Build 202107200153 includes four fixes for the Traveler server.

New Features:

As far as I know Fixpack 1 does not include any new features.
A list of new Traveler v12.0 features of the major release can be found here:

Included Fixes:


attachment file name changed when using SmartForward/SmartReply of the HCL Verse for Android / iOS


HCL Traveler server 12.0.0 repeated crashes upon receipt of a SmartForward/SmartReply request of the HCL Verse for Android / iOS app.


Error connecting to FCM (Google Firebase Cloud Messaging) servers via proxy

long delay of syncing emails to mobile devices if mail file path contains uppercase non-ASCII characters
If a user's mail file path contains an uppercase non-ASCII character, like Č or Š (for example, mailŠ/tom3.nsf), changes to the mail file are synced to the user's mobile devices only once per day


Note for customers that manage their database schema: Traveler 12.0.0 Fix Pack1 does not include a database schema update.

However prior releases did include database schema updates (for example: Traveler 11.0.0 did include a schema update).  Depending upon what level of Traveler server you are upgrading from, there may be a database schema update required.

Traveler 12.0.0 Fix Pack 1 can be used to install a new Traveler environment or update an existing Traveler environment running Domino 9.0.1.x, Domino 10.0.x, Domino 11.0.x or Domino 12.0.0.x without requiring a Domino upgrade. It is always recommended to keep Domino at the latest level.  If updating Domino to 12.0, a minimum of Traveler 12.0 is required.

More Details: