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HCL SafeLinx Administrator - Display Issues

Detlev Poettgen  September 6 2021 01:16:41 PM
If you are using the HCL SafeLinx Administrator client on Windows, you may be will  see some display issues.

Here is an example:

Image:HCL SafeLinx Administrator - Display Issues

Selection lists are not displayed correctly and option selection is not possible.

The reason for this is easy to find and to solve:

SafeLInx Administrator running on Windows requires a Java Open JDK version 8!  

Like mentioned in the documentation:

If a newer version like Java OpenJDK v16 is installed, you are hit by the issue.

So install JDK v8 and it will be fixed.

Image:HCL SafeLinx Administrator - Display Issues

Download URL of the JDK v8: