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HCL SafeLinx 1.2.0 IF1 released

Detlev Poettgen  August 10 2021 08:22:22 AM

HCL released a fix for HCL Safelinx this week.

The build number is SafeLinx (IF1)

Beside fixes there are a few new features included, like:

- MySQL on Windows support.
- Enable Windows SAML HTTP authentication
- Add redirect function to Nomad for / and /nomad paths to send to /nomad/index.html.

Included fixes:

MySQL on Windows support.

Add charset=utf-8 for json responses to fix character issues.

Nomad, parsing of CORS Origin header token may fail causing transaction failures.

Hidden option to disable CORS origin validation.

Nomad specific login screen translations missing in Linux pkg.

Crash in client-less processing code when Locale or Accept-Lang is not set.

SafeLinx Server Shutdown after Administrator window close and the Server Process start/stop not working from Administrator.

Buffer overrun in javascript rewrite function for client-less access with URL rewriting enabled.

Issue with converting the users home mailserver to canonical format when it contains multiple instances of the same attribute.

Default to a domino server in the app server list if no home mail server is defined for a Nomad user.

Remove expired ltpatokens from Cookie when multiple exist and SL can decode them. Block 3rd party token generation and set when SafeLinx is using token as SID.

When creating userConfig.json, if the user CN value has an attr with 2 or less characters, conversion to canonical format will fail leaving an invalid userCN in the json.

Ltpa config that users OtherID with X.500 notation transform fails when verifying username in unknown user scenario.

Performance issue when LtpaToken configured to use Other ID from directory record. Non indexed searches can lead to delays in transaction processing.

Add Server-Worker-Allowed to Nomad static file downloads.

Add redirect function to Nomad for / and /nomad paths to send to /nomad/index.html.

Server fails to start after reboot. Old autorestart scripts causing exit when used with systemd.

Default HTTP certificate file missing from Windows install.

Server startup fails if HTTP certificate file is missing.

Remove MFA-id check from nomad standard_login.html form.

Enable Windows SAML HTTP authentication

Details can be found here:

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