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Just say thank you - HCL Ambassador Nomination 2022 is open until 31 Oct

Detlev Poettgen  Oktober 29 2021 07:41:01 AM

The HCL Ambassador award is an important and nice thank you from HCL to recognize deserving members of the community.
We all benefit from blog posts, tweets or talks. It is important to remember that some of the bloggers and speakers at the various events do this voluntarily (mostly in their free time) and are happy to share their knowledge with others.

The HCL Ambassadors nominations are open on October 1 (End – 31 October)

Take a few minutes to fill out the online nomination form - it does not hurt

You can nominate yourself or someone else.

If you want to nominate ME, I would be happy. Permission is hereby explicitly granted. 
Thanks in advance.

I have now "say thank you" three times and have nominated three members of the HCL Notes / Domino community that I hold in high esteem to be HCL Ambassadors.

More about the HCL Ambassador Program can be found here:
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